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Instant Payments, No Chargebacks

June 28, 2023

A New Era of Payments with Contiant

Innovation is the key to success in the New Era of payments.Consumer expectations are evolving, because of the new technologies everyday, making businesses stay ahead of the curve.This is where Contiant steps in with its radical change to open banking.In the field and landscape of finance, Contiant is not just a step forward because of its range of products, but a giant leap in the world of payments.

Instant Payments: The Game Changer

The traditional banking system is  handling payments slowly and inefficiently. Sometimes it can take days or weeks for a transaction to be sent or cleared by the bank, leading to disappointment for consumers, for small and big businesses. Contiant's platform is designed to make instant payments easy, allowing funds to be transferred without any hesitations and stress. This does not only dramatically reduce processing time, but it also improves efficiency for consumers and businesses.

In an Era of making instant payments the speed and convenience is a big game changer. Instant payments also improve cash flow for any business, as they no longer have to wait days for transactions to be cleared to access their funds. This is a key and opportunity to improve their financial stability and growth. Instant payments give businesses and consumers alike, immediate access to services or purchased goods. With ecommerce businesses we notice a significant issue of abandoned carts during the payment process. Instant payments, seamless and faster checkout will boost the overall sales percentage and offer an amazing shopping experience.

No More Chargebacks: A Win for Businesses

In high-risk businesses and industries, as Forefox, iGaming & Crypto will gain winnings from this feature. These industries are often targeted by scammers, so the best way to protect themselves and reduce their financial liability is to choose open banking payments. One of the biggest pain points is the amount of chargebacks for businesses, not only through losses when a client disputes a transaction, but also dealing with administrative issues and fees. Experiencing high numbers of chargebacks at times could lead to being unable to accept card payments anymore.

The open banking platform Contiant also addresses this problem by removing the possibility of chargebacks. Customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they personally approve transactions, leaving no room for concerns about fraud. This has a big impact for businesses and it not only reduces the financial risk, but also saves time and resources for dealing with chargeback problems. Also this gives customers confidence and trust about their transactions.

The Transformative Power of Contiant

Contiant’s open banking solution is transforming entire business models and strategies. They can get rid of annoyingly slow transaction times and tedious chargebacks, to finally put more energy into what they do best – their core offerings – and less on dealing with payment-related problems. Instant access to borrowers spending habits, income and expense analysis, balance checks and more detailed user data can streamline the process in the lending industry. Offering a seamless payment experience with no chargebacks can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to repeat business and increased revenue in the e-commerce industry.

Through Contiant’s turnkey API solution all transaction data is consolidated in one place so that businesses can track transactions from initiation to settlement. The platforms bank-grade API allows for quick and easy implementation so you can focus on growing your business. 

Conclusion - Contiant - The Future of Payments

The evolution of open banking is happening fast and Contiant has the front row seat by focusing on instant payments and eliminating the cashback bottleneck. Open banking and instant payments solutions are crucial for businesses in today's digital world and there is no going back. Join into the future of open banking with Contiant and explore the benefits of instant payments and no chargeback at

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