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Account-to-Account Payment Trends & Innovations

July 10, 2023

What is new and how it impacts payments? Embracing Change and Optimizing Efficiency

Over the past decade, technologies have evolved significantly and the financial industry is no stranger to this. Those evolutions have reshaped the way businesses and consumers interact with banking systems. One of those evolutions is the Account-to-account payments method due to revolutionary initiatives that promise transparency, enhance innovation but also drastically increase competition.  

The dynamics of this financial revolution is going to take another significant shift with the advent of the upcoming PSD3. The third payment services directive (PSD3) is introduced by the European Banking Authority (EBA)  which aims to improve competition in the payments industry and to protect consumers’ rights and personal information by providing them clearer definitions of specific terms like “payment account” and “payment instrument”. This will lead to stronger customer authentication (SCA) but also change the way payments are engaged. It’s also worth noting that the EBA proposes to add more prudential requirements to “significant” and “systemic” payments and electronic money institutions.  In addition to that, PSD3 will provide clear informations about the regulation of buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) services. For payment services that provide BNPL, this could be a big change.

Businesses are seeking clarity on how PSD3’s territorial scope will apply to online services. They are also keeping an eye on the impacts that the proposed definition of “significant payment institutions (Pls) and Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) could have on the payments market and the economy overall. One thing remains constant despite these upcoming changes : the need to adapt and optimize their operations to stay a competitive business. That’s when Contiant emerges as a powerful ally for them navigating the account-to-account payments territories. On 23rd June 2022, the EBA published an opinion on the review of PSD2 that set the stage for PSD3 that will aim to reduce regulatory arbitrage, ensure technological neutrality and change forever the financial industry.

This is where Contiant step-in.

Contiant  offers a seamless and efficient way to transfer funds faster using the power of account-to-account payments, eliminating chargebacks and lowering the cost of transactions leading to a significantly better efficiency and reduced processing times.This features protects businesses from potential fraud and financial losses.

‍That’s why Contiant is trusted by over 2000 banks across 19 countries.


Contiant’s platform is three times less expensive than regular credit cards, offering significant savings in transaction fees to businesses making the business more competitive and cost-effective for the customers.

Customizable Payment Form

To convert and retain customers, Contiant offers to businesses a fully customizable payment form. This goes from the colors, layout and entire payments journey that will align perfectly with the brand identity of the business.

Comprehensive Data Access

To verify users identities and reduce fraud, Contiant provides a real-time account balance verification and detailed transaction history but also allows businesses to reconcile and track transactions from the start of the settlement to the end providing them the payment data whenever needed.

Conclusion: A Dynamic Future for Banking

Like Contiant, the banking landscape is evolving and shaped by regulatory changes such as PSD3 and the implementation of account-to-account payments platforms. Moving forward, the combination of those regulations and technological innovation will continue to redefine the possibility of the financial industry, creating opportunities and new challenges everyday for businesses willing to evolve with them.

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