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Discover the Power of Instant Payments with Contiant

July 14, 2023

Introduction: The Digital Revolution in Payment Solutions

In today's fast-paced digital world, online businesses are continually seeking innovative solutions to combat challenges associated with payment processing, fraud prevention, and enhancing customer experience. Traditional payment methods are no longer sufficient, and with the rise of the digital economy, a shift towards more advanced payment solutions is inevitable. Leading the charge is Contiant with its revolutionary real-time account to account payment solution, offering a powerful alternative to conventional card payments.

The Need for Innovation in Payment Solutions

Approximately 41% of customers are considering switching to competitors that provide instant payment options, with 36% of merchants expressing dissatisfaction with their current cash flow situation. This dissatisfaction underscores a significant gap in the existing payment ecosystem that needs to be addressed. Herein lies the importance of Contiant, leveraging the power of account to account payments to address these issues and unlock novel business possibilities.

Advantages of Account to Account Payments with Contiant

Contiant's account to account payment solution offers a myriad of benefits over traditional card payments. Instant settlements and significantly lower transaction fees - roughly 50% less than credit card transactions - position Contiant as a powerful solution to the issues of slow settlements and high payment processing fees. Furthermore, it effectively eliminates the high rates of fraud and chargebacks associated with card transactions, with 82% of these payments failing due to these complications.

Simplified Payment Journey

The account to account payment solution provided by Contiant streamlines the payment process to an impressive extent - requiring just two clicks for the entire payment journey. This simplicity is not just limited to the user end but also extends to businesses, with settlements being processed instantly, improving liquidity and making reconciliation faster and more accurate.

Rise of Open Banking and Account to Account Payments

The growing adoption of account to account payments, spurred on by the Open Banking movement, has been extraordinary. Open Banking API calls have seen a staggering growth of 1000x, increasing from 66.8 million in 2018 to a whopping 5.8 billion. Every six months, an additional one million people are adopting Open Banking, cementing its position as a catalyst for significant change and innovation across the payments industry.

Contiant's Global Reach and Future Plans

Not restricting itself to local markets, Contiant extends its reach globally, supporting various currencies and covering over 95% of Europe. The platform has ambitious plans to extend its services to Latin America, Australia, and Africa in the forthcoming quarters. As such, businesses across these regions stand to benefit immensely from the transformative power of real-time account to account payments.

Enhancing the Checkout Experience

Contiant significantly enhances the checkout experience by offering diverse payment options, reducing the number of steps, and completely eliminating the need for manual data entry. It's not surprising that consumers using Contiant's solutions make payments five times more frequently than others. Biometric authentication offered by Contiant adds another layer of convenience, which the majority of users prefer over manually entering card numbers, passwords, or PINs.

Cost Optimization and Increased Profitability

Beyond enhancing user experience, Contiant enables businesses to optimize payment processing costs and ramp up their profitability. The platform eliminates unnecessary acquiring, card schemes, and interchange fees, translating into cost savings of up to 100% compared to conventional card-based methods.

The Contiant Difference

What makes Contiant stand apart from the crowd is its Unique Payment Orchestration Model, robust and secure infrastructure, flexible and scalable solutions, and an extensive network of connections. Additionally, its user-friendly interface simplifies the integration process and provides seamless navigation. Notably, Contiant stands as the only open banking provider offering the first three months of processing free of charge, setting a new standard in the industry.

Conclusion: Embrace the Future of Payments with Contiant

In summary, the era of real-time account to account payments is already upon us, and Contiant is at the forefront, leading the charge. By making the switch to Contiant, businesses stand to experience lightning-fast payments with over 90% conversion rates, free from the risks of fraud and chargebacks.

With Contiant, businesses can elevate conversions, optimize costs, receive funds instantly, and eliminate fraud and chargebacks. The future of payments is here, and it's time for businesses to unlock the limitless potential of real-time account to account payments with Contiant. So, why wait? Embrace the future of payments with Contiant today.

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