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Key Trends to Watch

October 6, 2023


The payment journey is a major factor to build customer trust and fidelity in e-commerce because they are looking for fast, secure and simple payment methods. Here are the top tendencies that will certainly change the future of e-commerce forever.

Simplifying Payment Choices

Although sometimes payment diversity may appear advantageous, sometimes it is not, and it can lead consumers to decision fatigue. Simplify the shopping experience by serving a range of payment methods suitable for the user in a way that simplifies and increases the efficiency of the service offered.

Card Payments Remain Prevalent

In Europe, despite a lot of innovative payment methods, debit cards continue to be the favorite. Nonetheless, other solutions like PayPal and account to account payments are gaining in popularity in the digital-savvy generation.

Account to Account Payments Gain Traction*

Account-to-account payments represent innovation in this area. Since its adoption there has been exponential growth, recording a significant number of payments monthly.This is all because consumers are looking for direct and efficient dj payment methods, and account-to-account payments represent and will represent the future of e-commerce.

Swift Refunds: A Crucial Aspect of Customer Experience

The distinction between online and offline shopping is blurred. Consumers are increasingly seeking frictionless payment methods that seamlessly integrate both realms. This includes innovations like mobile and digital wallets, one-click payments, and in-app purchases. Such integrations not only enhance the shopping experience but also derive significant revenue growth.

The Convergence of Online and Offline Payment Methods

Between online and offline shopping, the distinction is fading away because consumers are seeking for some frictionless payment methods that integrate both. Innovations like mobile and digital wallets, one-click payments, and in-app purchases are not only enhancing the shopping experience but also brings significant revenue growth. 

Digital Wallets: The New Standard

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other digital wallets have become omnipresent because they offer the convenience of instant payments, whether in-store or online. Digital wallets are set to dominate the payment landscape. Some projections are even indicating that over four billion global consumers will use them by 2023.

The Emergence of Super Apps

What is a “super app” you may ask ? Well it’s an application that offers plenty of services that go from payments and shopping to utilities and entertainment and all that under one digital roof. 

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) Gains Popularity

By offering the ability to split payments, BNPL services have gained a surge in popularity. These services not only boost purchasing power, they also increase conversion rates for businesses.


QR Codes: From Obscurity to Ubiquity

Even Though QR codes were considered obsolete by many, they made a huge comeback especially inherent in contract-free payments. They offer a versatile solution, from menu display in restaurants or bars to unlocking in-store discounts.


The online financial landscape is in perpetual evolution with new innovations and tendencies coming out everyday to redefine the way companies operate and consumers shop. By staying fully aware of these changes, businesses can successfully remain competitive and meet their consumer’s expectations.

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